Healthy, balanced mind

Strong natural immunity

Genetically sound

No harmful chemicals

No frequent vet visits

Sounds too good to be true?

Think again - all of this is possible in a Naturally Reared puppy from Johmar Dobermanns


Welcome to Johmar

Naturally reared Dobermanns

We are a small kennel based in the West Midlands, Staffordshire.
At Johmar, we believe in keeping our beautiful, healthy, fully health tested dogs as natural as possible.  Our dogs are raw fed, have no chemicals and minimal to no vaccinations. 
We raise them in a natural, loving and caring environment.
Dedicated to following a responsible breeding program, our focus is on keeping our pups naturally healthy and happy for when they find their new homes.


Our Story

I was first introduced to the Dobermann breed as a child.  During my childhood years we had the privilege of owning 2 Dobermanns who were the most amazing dogs.  I fell in love with them and I swore that I would always have a Dobermann in my life.  My husband and I originally owned 2 Jack Russells (another love of my life) for many years.  They lived to the ripe old age of 15 and when the first one passed, I took the opportunity to get my own Dobermann pup, way back in 2004.   'Bomber' taught me a great deal about Dobermanns and we had a superb journey together.  Unfortunately as he grew old his legs gave up and very sadly passed away in 2015 aged 11, we still miss him dearly.

It was after getting Bomber that I was introduced to the raw diet by a dog trainer.  I've never looked back, it was the best thing I've ever done and my boys thrived on it.

Around 2009 we came across an advert for a Dobermann bitch and as I was looking for a friend for Bomber we went to have a look at her.  Fudge was a beautiful girl and her family just didn't want her (she was a lot smaller than they expected).  We happily paid them to get her out of there and she clicked with Bomber immediately, they soon became inseparable. She was switched immediately to the raw diet and loved it!  Unfortunately she had sudden death DCM 4 years later, which was totally devastating for all of us.

It was a good few years after that my eyes were opened by a friend on the dangers of over-vaccination and chemical flea treatments and the like.  I did a great deal of research on this, and encourage everyone I meet to do the same, as some of the horror stories out there are truly awful.  It made me think "Why do we do this to our beloved pets?" Just think that if a topical flea treatment kills fleas on the skin, what damage is it doing to your dog? Even though we had Jack Russells live to 15 on an unnatural processed diet, vaccinated each year and other chemical treatments, I can't help but wonder that maybe they would have lived another few years if they had been more natural.  It saddens me to think they could have had a much healthier and better quality life if I'd been educated that bit sooner.

Everything we do now is as natural as we can make it and we will never stray from this.  I believe all of this helps our dogs be the healthy, happy dogs we have today.   

We currently own 3 beautiful Dobermanns.  Denzel is 8 1/2, has had up to his first booster vaccination, before my eyes were opened, and has had no more, and no other chemical treatments. Alesia is 6 1/2 and has had absolutely no vaccinations or chemicals.  She had homeopathic Nosodes as a pup. We also have 18 month old Luther, who we kept back from Alesia's first litter. He is doing very well in the show ring, various scent work activities, swimming and protection work. 

My dreams are to have completely naturally reared dogs, from natural parents, and to educate people - you DO have a choice.  DO your research. DON'T be bullied into vaccinating, neutering or other chemical abuse.


Our beliefs

We believe that by keeping our dogs as natural as we can, we are giving them the best chance of a long, healthy, disease free life.  A life free from chemicals and their diets completely free from artificial additives.

From 8 weeks old our girl has been fed a raw, natural diet and has not been given any chemicals of any kind.
Worming and flea prevention is done with natural products and vaccinations have been replaced with homeopathic Nosodes, giving her the best chance of a long and healthy life.
Her diet is carefully tailored so she receives the optimum nutrition for her and her pups before, during and after pregnancy. 
Our puppies are weaned as naturally as possible onto a raw species specific diet and are not administered any vaccines or chemicals, but still receive a thorough vet check.
Breed specific health checks have been carried out and can be found further down this page.

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Here at Johmar Dobermanns we are dedicated to breeding and nurturing healthy, thriving puppies in the most natural way possible.

This involves feeding a raw, species specific diet, using as few chemicals as possible and no or minimal vaccinations.  All of our worming and flea treatments are natural, if we use any at all.  All of this means our dogs are the healthiest we've ever owned. Just look at the shine on their coats!

Our pups are reared naturally.  They are weaned when they are ready to wean, not when we choose to wean them, and they will be weaned onto a raw diet.

As responsible dog breeders, we carefully screen potential owners to make sure they understand exactly what is required when it comes to taking care of their pups and helping them thrive into healthy, well balanced, sociable dogs.  

Dobermanns require patience and consistency with all aspects of training and thrive on a variety of sports and activities such as Cani-x, IGP and scent work.

Your dog will thrive if it is stimulated both physically and mentally, whilst taking care not to do too much at one time.

If you are a first time raw/natural feeder then we are here for all the help and advice you need.  It looks far more complicated than it actually is so do not worry!

Our dogs are KC registered and fully health tested, and come with a lifetime of support from us.  Pups will receive a full vet check before going off to start their exciting and healthy lives with their new owners.


Planned mating - 2022

There will be a repeat mating of Ottia Uptown Funk @ Kaistart to Nolatari Alesia @ Johmar in early autumn 2022 - watch this space for further exciting details!

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Dexter health&achievements.jpg

Dexter (Ottia Uptown Funk @ Kaistart JW, RCC, AD, BH, IGP1)


Alesia (Nolatari Alesia @ Johmar AD, BH)



Nolatari Alesia at Johmar

Hips 5/5 - tested 05/02/2020

Eyes PHPV unaffected - tested 13/02/2020

Heart - Echo cardiograph clear at 16/10/2020 & 19/01/2022

Heart - 24hr holter normal at 02/02/2022

Heart - Troponin 1 & NT-proBNP normal at 19/01/2022

VWD Hereditary clear 01/02/2016

VWD DNA clear 06/11/2020

Worm count clear at 02/02/2022

Lung worm count clear at 02/02/2022


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